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About Denman WORKS!

This is the Denman WORKS! Economic Enhancement Society website.


UPDATE June 12 2018

Denman WORKS! is alive, well, and operating.

  • Resource Centre staffing: Tony Gregson, a member of the DW Board of Directors, is in the office from 10 – 12 noon each Tuesday and Thursday. You can call the office number (250-335-3170). Tony has also made his cell phone number available (778-838-7110). He welcomes your call at any time.
  • CPG Grants: We are currently waiting to hear from the CV Regional District regarding the Community Project Grant funding recommendations and expect to hear their verdicts shortly.
  • Program Review: We are reconsidering some of the functions and tasks of Denman WORKS, looking for ways to be as efficient and effective as possible. We have not, at this time, made any decisions about hiring help. Our current focus is figuring out how to work smarter and not harder.
  • Our Annual General Meeting will be towards the end of September, 2018.
  • Join the Board: If you have an interest in joining DW as a board member, you would be welcomed. For more information contact Pamela Willis: 250-335-9016 or Tony Gregson 778-838-7110:


  • The AGM will be scheduled towards the end of September.
  • Denman Works board meetings are held in the Denman Activity Centre
  • The first half hour of board meetings is open to public participation. We would appreciate some notification, but you are welcome to drop by.
  • Minutes are posted on-line and at the Dora Drinkwater Library
  • Please CONTACT US if you have any questions.



Denman WORKS! is committed to improving the socio-economic health of Denman Island by supporting community organizations whose work is compatible with that mission.

Operating as a Society, under an Agreement with our funding partner, the Comox Valley Regional District, we aim to leverage our tax-funded budget to obtain the maximum benefit for islanders.


The services of Denman Works are currently supported on behalf of the Board by the Secretary-Treasurer Tony Gregson who is acting Resource Coordinator.

  • Please call land line 250-335-3170 or cell 778-838-7110 at any time.
  • The Denman Works  Resource Centre  office is in the Denman Activity Centre. This office is open on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 10:00 AM and noon or by appointment.
  • Denman Works e-mail: denmanresource@gmail.com


Through the Denman Works Resource Centre, the following services are offered:

  • Annual Community Project Grants to registered non-profit organizations.
    • note – by law Denman WORKS! may not fund private business and may only assist non-profit organizations or those sponsored by such non-profit organizations.
  • Grant facilitation through the Grant Connect Database to and help with research into grant opportunities through the Grant Connect Database provided by Imagine Canada. Small, one-off grants to meet short term needs,  subject to available resources.
  • The Visit Denman website for promotion of  visitor information including accommodation, places to eat, and entertainment, cultural,  and recreation opportunities.
  • Printing and distribution of the Denman Island Events brochure. 
  • Support for the annual Hornby/Denman Island Visitor brochure & Map.  
  • Posting of job opportunities and resources on the  Job Board at denmanresource.wordpress.com
  • Physical posting of job opportunities and available skills and resources on a job board by the General Store
  • Loan of projector, free of charge, available through Abraxas Books.

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