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Welcome to the Denman WORKS! Economic Enhancement Society.

Denman Island Transport Survey

Please send us your feedback about the new Denman Island Bus and community transportation needs by completing the survey below. Just click on the button and answer the questions.

On this page: Mission, Our programs, Meetings, The road ahead, Assessing our needs.


Denman WORKS! is committed to improving the socio-economic health of Denman Island by supporting community organizations that share this aim.

Operating as a Society, under an Agreement with our funding partner, the Comox Valley Regional District, we aim to leverage our tax-funded budget to obtain the maximum benefit for islanders.

Our programs

Denman Works! supports socio-economic enhancement through programs that include grant funding and assistance, equipment loan, several web sites including this one, our office, promotion of listings about jobs plus available skills and services, and support for island brochures. See the full list here.

Denman Works! is currently administered by the Chair, Tony Gregson, on behalf of the Board.


  • Minutes are posted on-line.
  • Please CONTACT US if you have any questions.

The road ahead

The “Innovate 2030 Economic Development Master Plan” was presented by the Comox Valley Regional District November 26, 2019.  Read about the process. Read the presentation as a .pdf:


This “survival checklist” comes from a site for small and shrinking rural towns in the USA: how do you think Denman would score?

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