Minutes 19 April 2017

PRESENT: Chair Pamela Willis
Evan Penner
James Panabaker
Dominique Husserau
Lindsey McGinn
Lyndsey Jennings
 ALSO PRESENT:  Resource Centre Coordinator Riane da Silva
  1. Call Meeting to Order     Meeting called to order at 5:09 p.m.
  2. Approval of the Agenda  Approved with addition of Contractor/Employee to agenda
    HUSSERAU/MCGINN                                                                                                CARRIED
  3. Motion to Receive the Minutes of the March 21 meeting
    PANABAKER/HUSSERAU :                                                                                         CARRIED
  4. Community Project Grants – James Panbaker reported on the CPG Independent Review Committee process. (please see CPG report attached). Denman WORKS! Thanks James Panabaker the IRC members for their hard work, time and efforts – a card will be sent to individuals of the committee.

Motion: to approve the 2017 CPG Independent Review Committee’s recommendations (please see recommendations report attached) and forward these recommendations to the CVRD.

#1. DIMS – Ecotourism project PENNER/JENNINGS                                           CARRIED

#2. GPA – MCGINN/JENNINGS                                                                                  CARRIED

#3. Plastic Free Initiative – HUSSERAU/JENNINGS                                              CARRIED  (one opposed)

  1. Financial Report – Treasurer contacted Paul Kabak regarding the financial review. This package will be put together by Treasurer and RC Co-ordinator and sent out soon.

Motion: to accept Financial report (please see attached)
JENNINGS/PANABAKER                                                                                              CARRIED

  1. Resource Centre Report – (please see Coordinator’s report attached)

Motion to receive Coordinator’s report
PENNER/PANABAKER                                                                                                  CARRIED

  1. Chair Report – P. Willis reported that CVRD has approved the budget of DW! CVRD wants to meet on Thursday, April 27 to go over the budget and discuss Community consultation. P. Willis will try to change time with them and will inform board of change.
  2. Denman Visitor Services Committee Is now a 3 person committee – Veronica Timmins, Suzette Cullen, Lyndsey Jennings. Poor response to advertising call. Have decided to seek renewals from Feature & Enhanced ads only. This will effectively be the same as 2016.

DW! thanks the VSC members for their hard work.

  1. Phillipa’s FoundationUpdate – Elk Haven has been booked. A local Denman resident has been hired to co-ordinate. Auditions will be happening on Denman Island. Project is fully financed by a charitable organization, this year. Hope is to get funding for future years. Project is proceeding. Will be hiring camp leaders soon. Were happy with the community support from DW!
  2. Community consultation proposalP. Willis presented an outline of how we could approach a community consultation over the next few months. Suggestion to begin with on-line survey as phase 1, before approaching community groups/focus groups. Discussion ongoing with request for prompt answers and suggestions.
  3. Other Business – Contractor/Employee discussion as per CRA guidelines

12. Next Meeting – The next monthly meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, May 31 2017 at 1pm in the Lounge.

Meeting Adjournment – The meeting adjourned at 7:20 p.m.

Motion to adjourn MCGINN/PANABAKER                                                             CARRIED

CPG Grant Applications Report 2017–final version

Resource Co-ordinator addendum

Resource Co-ordinator Report – April_17

Income-expense report April 2017

Liability expense report April 2017

Equity report April 2017

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