Minutes 25 January 2017

Minutes of the Denman WORKS! Economic Society meeting 5 pm on Wednesday, January 25, 2017 in the Café Pourium, Denman Island, BC.

PRESENT:                            Chair                                                      Pamela Willis

Dominique Husereau

Evan Penner

James Panabaker

Lyndsey Jennings

ALSO PRESENT:                 Resource Centre Coordinator:    Lindsay McGinn

Agenda Items

Meeting Called to Order 5:10 pm

Approval of the Agenda

Penner/Panabaker:                                         THAT the Agenda be approved


No Community Forum

Minutes of the Denman WORKS! Economic Enhancement Society

THAT the minutes of the December 2016 minutes of the DW Board of Directors be recreated by PANABAKER and WILLIS.

Coordinator Report – L.McGinn reported. Please see attached document. Order to change lock and get new keys APPROVED: WILLIS/PANABAKER. Motion to receive Coordinator Report: JENNINGS/WILLIS                                                                                                                                                             CARRIED

Action Items:

  • Pamela to speak to the post office about changing the name of the Denman WORKS! Chair with the post office.
  • Pamela to notify deNeen that we don’t have keys, hoping to have them by end of February.
  • Lindsay to notify Grapevine about change to office hours starting mid-February to 1-4 pm.

Financial Update: E. Penner reported. Please see attached budget. When submitting expenses to Evan, please make an indication of from which budget line the expense should be taken from. Discussion of relinquishing funds to community grantees, need for flexibility to accommodate cash flow from CVRD.  Also, the need for grant funds to be spent within the funding period.

Motion to receive financial report: JENNINGS/PANABAKER                                                                                                                                                        CARRIED

Action Items:

  • McGinn to make changes to grant document to reflect needs for flexibility with the disbursement of grant funds and the requirement to spend funds within the funding period.

Ferry Advisory Committee: J. Panabaker reported. Next meeting in April. Spoke to Noel Villard, schedule was going to be modified to address gaps. Advised to wait until schedule changes appeared before moving forward with an economic impact report.

Community Grants: J. PANABAKER reported. We have received the 4 quarterly reports from our grantees, Baroque Group has not spent money yet, each of the other three still has other funds to disperse. Notice for 2017 has gone out, will be advertise three times. Need to start asking for members of the vetting committee.

Action Item:

  • Panabaker reaching out to the Baroque group to see about how/when money will be spent.
  • Panabaker will draft an ad looking for vetting committee members.
  • Board members to bring suggestions for vetting committee members to next mtg.

Visitor Services Committee Report: L. JENNINGS reported. Three members of the committee. Looking for paying advertisers, smaller ads on website. HISEC applied for destination BC grant. Support summer student with Denman WORKS! They have a survey they’d like to administer. Generate funds from advertisers, like to hire someone to do the advertising for them. Looking for committee members.

IDEA: Billeting Registry. Island wide billeting service, individuals who can be on call to house individuals for the night.

Budget Discussion: P. WILLIS updated, please see attached. First page for Regional District, community consultation piece submitted after, the budget submission date. Second page for the community, shows our full amount and shows other anticipated revenue, for example, Visitors Services Committee, Human Resources Skills Development Canada. Third page of the document shows our unspent money in our account accruing.

Motion to Approve budget as submitted PANABAKER/HUSEREAU.


Canada student jobs application and logistics: P. WILLIS reported. Pamela put together an application. Including how student will be supported and supervised. Need to strike committee to oversee the summer student – including Visitor Services, Denman WORKS! Supporting tourism. Approach DIRCS advents committee. – Eli Hassan. Ensure supervision and safety of student.

Community Consultation Process – tabled for tonight.

Partnership Guidelines: P. WILLIS. All board members please review and provide comment. See attached.

Society Manager/Administration Position: job description tabled for next meeting. Pamela to resend to everyone.

Next meeting: Wednesday, February 22nd at the Café Pourium at 5 pm

Termination Time: 7:45 pm

2017 Budget and Actual

Denman WORKS RD Budget Projection 2017 2021 revision January

DRAFT Denman WORKS Partnership Guidelines

Jan. 25th Quarterly Report for cGP 2016

YE 2016 DenmanWorks

Resource Coordinator Report January 2017 online

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