Minutes 1 March 2017

PRESENT:                            Chair                                                      Pamela Willis

Dominique Husereau

Evan Penner

James Panabaker

ALSO PRESENT:                 Resource Centre Coordinator:    Lindsay McGinn

REGRETS:                                                                                             Lyndsey Jennings

Agenda Items

Meeting Called to Order 5:00 pm.

Approval of the Agenda

Motion THAT the Agenda be approved
PENNER/HUSEREAU                                                       CARRIED

Minutes of the Denman WORKS! Economic Enhancement Society: James to send Lindsay the minutes from the November meeting for formatting. Clarification on the process for approved minutes. When minutes are ready, they are to be place in folder for signature at Abraxas. Notify Pamela when they are ready for signature. Approved, signed minutes are then uploaded to the website and posted at the library.

Motion to approve January minutes with changes:
HUSEREAU/PANABAKER                                                 CARRIED

Community Forum: None

Correspondence: For the vetting committee: Dan Hawthorne, Carole Vosburgh, Sharon Clarke and Fiona Lindsay. Lindsay to send contact information for those two vetting committee volunteers to James, who will follow up with each person. Decision to invite all to attend. Jenny has reached out to the board about the vetting committee, James to respond to let her know we have four community members who have responded to our advertisement and will compose this years vetting committee.

Inquiry from the Community Directory to re-publish our add in the 2017 copy of the directory as is. Will look to redesign for 2018. APPROVED.

Community Grants: Want to make sure it’s a clean, clear process. No conflict of interest. The date was March 28th for expressions of interest. Need to stress the importance of economic impact for grants. This aspect of the grants needs to be weighed more heavily. Funds to get projects off the ground and they should be self-sustaining.

CPG Report: submitted by James Panabaker (see attached).

Question surrounding the Baroque Festival: can the final funds be released before the festival is completed? The festival application was for funds for costume and set design so funds will have been spent before festival. Can they do a final report and get the funds released before actual Workshop happens?  Decision was yes, once final report is submitted, funds can be released.

Motion to receive the CPG Report:                           PENNER/HUSEREAU                                       CARRIED

Financial Report: E. Penner reported. Two budgets submitted. The first: 2017 Budget and Actual is this year to date. Does show the budget for the year. The second: YE 2016 Denman WORKS!, has two SS, one that shows our actuals including Visitor Services Committee (VSC) and the other CVRD YE, does not include VSC revenue and therefore is a lesser amount.  This second document, CVRD YE, will be submitted to the CVRD. Therefore net income and amount we would return, is going to be somewhere around $3800. (see attached). James to hold on to the cheque book in Evan’s absence in April/May. Suggestion was made to increase our advertising budget for next year.

Motion to Receive the Financial Report:
PANABAKER/HUSEREAU                                               CARRIED

Resource Coordinator Report: L. McGinn reported. See attached. Discussion of future projects or functions of the Resource Centre:

  • Community Resource Centre, place for people to come and work.
  • Wages and Rates: keep a list of what wage rates are appropriate for what jobs
  • Board Development
  • Innovation Island: Tech Jobs for Denman Islanders
  • Cheese Making
  • HICEEC Road Trip
  • Business Mixer

Motion to receive the Resource Coordinator Report:

Proposed Summer Camp On Denman:  D. Husereau reported. See Attached. Approval to help with the hiring process.

HR In Camera: P. Willis

Termination Time: 7:30 pm

Minutes Prepared By:    Lindsay McGinn, Resource Centre Coordinator


2017 Budget and Actual

Resource Coordinator Report February 2017

summer camp proposal

YE 2016 DenmanWorks

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