Minutes August 15, 2017

Minutes of the Denman WORKS! Economic Enhancement Society meeting. August 15, 2017 in the Café-Pourium, Denman Island BC.


PRESENT: Chair Pamela Willis
  Lyndsey Jennings
  Lindsay McGinn
  James Panabaker
  Dominique Husserau


REGRETS: Evan Penner
Riane da Silva


  1. Call Meeting to Order

Meeting called to order at 3p.m.

  1. Approval of the Agenda

PANABAKER/HUSSERAU                                                                       CARRIED


  1. 30 Minute Public Forum

Waived as no public present


  1. Community Project Grants

(please see CPG report attached)

  1. Panabaker gave an overview of the applications received and the decisions made by the review panel. James commented on the tremendous effort expended by the panel members and this was corroborated by Pamela who sat in on the process. Appreciations to the panel were expressed by all members of the Board.

Motion: That the funding recommendations of the review panel be approved.



  1. Society Manager –

A brief discussion of the Board’s decision of earlier in 2017 to move to a Society Manager model of operations during the Fall of 2017. It was agreed that Riane would begin in this new position in September 2017. Pamela will meet with Riane to review the expanded job description. The Board expressed appreciation of Riane’s commitment to Denman Works! and the work she has done to date.


  1. Bookkeeping

The Board discussed the bookkeeping function of the Society which Evan has been doing on a volunteer basis. Evan has decided to not continue as a member of the Board following the October AGM. This means that the Society Manager either has to do the bookkeeping or the bookkeeping has to be contracted out. The Board decided the best course of action is to contract out the Society bookkeeping tasks. Appreciation was extended to Evan for his work in keeping the books for the past year.

Motion: To contract out the bookkeeping tasks of the Society.

McGINN/PANABAKER                                                                             CARRIED


Motion: To advertise for a bookkeeper at 6 hours per month.

PANABAKER/McGINN                                                                             CARRIED

7. Next Meeting – The next monthly meeting will be determined via e-mail organized by R. da Silva

Meeting Adjournment – The meeting adjourned at 5:10 p.m.


CPG Grant Applications Report 2017 Redux

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