Minutes 20 June 2017

June 20, 2017 – Denman WORKS! – Board of Directors MEETING MINUTES

PRESENT: Chair Pamela Willis
Lyndsey Jenning
James Panabaker
Evan Penner
Lindsay McGinn
Regrets: Dominique Husserau
ALSO PRESENT: Resource Centre Coordinator Riane da Silva
  1. Meeting called to order 5:09
    Motion to approve the meeting agenda – With the following additions:

    • request for project support from GPA
    • next year
    • e-mail
    • Ferry update

Penner/Panabaker                                                                                                                 CARRIED

  1. Community forum – no public in attendance
  2. Review and approval of April 2017 meeting minutes and November 30 meeting minutes
    Penner/Jennings : THAT the minutes of the November 30 meeting be approved.        CARRIED
    McGinn/Panabaker :      THAT the minutes of the April 19 meeting be approved.             CARRIED
  3. Chair is still trying to arrange a meeting with regional district. It is looking like it may be after June 26. Proposed topics are our budget and what does community development look like in other small rural places.
  4. CPG update
    (please see CPG report attached)
  5. Financial report
    (please see Treasurer’s Report attached)

Paul Kabak has done the year end financials. We will pay back approximately $4500 to Regional District to be put into contingency fund.

Suggestion that we set up a second account to handle VSC amounts (as waste management does for bottle depot) this could be done free of charge through a credit union. Something to consider for future.

Motion to receive Treasurer’s Report

Panabaker/Jennings                                                                                                              CARRIED

  1. Budget item for events/festival flyer each year?

Discussion resulted in possibility of keeping VSC line item in budget and increasing to $3500. This to be decided by new board in autumn. Riane will inform new board of this.

Discussion about possibility of putting a line item in future budget to get a good logo/branding for Denman WORKS!

  1. Resource Centre Staff report (please see attached)

Pamela will input our info to Societies act website in advance of their November 2018 deadline.

Motion: to approve Community Partnership Policy with following addition to #4:
“Approved logo will be made available. A link to denmanworks.com and visitdenmanisland.ca will be added to any websites associated with the project”
Jennings/Panabaker                                                                                                              CARRIED

Motion : to approve Sponsorship Acknowledgment Policy with following addition:
 “…link to denmanworks.com and www.visitdenmanisland.ca will be added “
McGinn/Panabaker                                                                                                               CARRIED

Destination BC funds (50%) now what?
Yes we want to talk to marketing co-ordinator regarding our branding/logo. Riane will follow up

Workshops Update and direction:

Follow up with Laura Busheikin with students working on plan for downtown (in process)

Other board development facilitators could be = Juan Barker, David Stapeley, Laura Busheikin

Entrepreneurial kids => talk to Matta and Lanna

Financial literacy => credit union. Literacy CV adult learning centre (with on-line workshop) – Helen Furgale could possibly return to discuss budgeting?

  1. Increasing visibility for Resource Centre, and/or different ways to use it – discussion

Blackberry Faire table for DW! Get the word out. Questions? (Would a community work space 1xweek be useful to you (morning or afternoon)?)

Free Coffee idea – how does this work with DAC? Can we open the lounge as a working spot? How much would this cost? Would they cosponsor? Business access centre? Riane to initiate a conversation with DSMS regarding this.

Motion to receive Staff Report
McGinn/Jennings                                                                                                       CARRIED

  1. Visitor Services report
    Events brochure is to be picked up later this week. VSC committee will be dissolving
    Thank you to the VSCommittee for all their diligence and hard work. Well done!
  2. C3 – Comprehensive Community Consultation – continue discussion (investigate/seek ICET funding?)

Soft start to C3 would begin with a conversation but perhaps best done after we talk to the community [at public events, Blackberry Faire, General Store, mtg with LTC, Farmer’s Market (1xmonth), in other informal ways]. We must be consistent with the OCP Economic Activities. There is concern that there could be a backlash (against ICET process) from the community. A soft start could be used to solicit direction from the community and perhaps garner more community support.

Pamela will call ICET and see if their process has already been done on Denman. Pamela will contact LTC to set up a meeting and begin discussions.

We have agreed that we may pursue ICET process in the fall after some community information gathering over the summer.

Is it time to try again to set up an informal business/self employed/artist group on Denman?
Evan and Riane will follow up on this (also will look at physical space of resource centre)

  1. Request for project support from GPA – the recently purchased cooler will arrive on Denman any day. They seek $500 to cover unexpected costs in the cooler replacement.

Motion: to approve a $500 disbursement to the GPA to cover unexpected costs in the purchase and transportation, with an understanding that DW! gets a space for our logo on it (when we have a logo).
Jennings/Penner                                                                                                        CARRIED

  1. Ferry update – James will draft a letter, from DW!, supporting the local MLA Scott Fraser (cc. John Horgan, Rona Rae, Christy Clarke) in following through to immediately fulfill the NDP election promise to roll back ferry fares by 15%
  2. e-mail – from now on e-mails from the Resource Centre will be funneled through the Chair
  3. Discussion and declarations about who will stand for re-election in the fall.
    Evan Penner will not stand. Lyndsey Jennings will not stand.
    James may or may not stay on the board, still needs to decide.
    Pamela will do another year. Lindsay will do another year.
    Dominique was absent, so her intentions are unclear
  4. Next Meeting date Tuesday August 15, 2017 – 5pm Emporium

Motion adjourned at 8pm
McGinn/ Jennings                                                                                                      CARRIED


APPROVED Denman WORKS Partnership Policy

APPROVED Requirement for Sponsorship Acknowledgement

DRAFT Minutes April 19

DRAFT Minutes November 30, 2016



Resource Co-ordinator Report – June_21

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