Formerly known as the Denman Island Community Economic Enhancement Committee (DICEEC), we changed our name to Denman Works in November 2010, and then became an Economic Enhancement Society in the Spring of 2011.

Our incorporation number is S-58326 and was issued on May 19, 2011.


Francesca Barker, Drew Coupar, Julie Geremiah, Antony Gregson (Director), and Mike Van Sandvoort


The purposes of the society are:

  • to support the enhancement of the economic and social health of Denman Island, its residents, businesses and community organizations;
  • to sponsor and deliver programs that provide such enhancement; and
  • to provide similar and related services as determined by the membership.

Contract with the CVRD

The Comox Valley Regional District is our funding partner for the delivery of economic services on Denman Island. If you would like to read the full agreement plus amendments, please email us at

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