Community Project Grants

Denman Island non-profit organizations (or a group sponsored by a non-profit organization) may apply. The application package to start the grant process can  be downloaded and completed online. Alternatively, a paper version can  be picked up at the Denman WORKS! Resource Centre, or in the Freepost DW! envelope under “D”.


Step 1: Familiarize yourself with  the process, project eligibility criteria, and requirements and obligations of grant recipients.

Step 2: Complete the 4 page application form and attach any pertinent pictures, society data and addenda that would explain or clarify your project.

Step 3: By July 31st, 2019, submit a completed PAPER COPY of the application form with all relevant information  either at the Resource Centre, or at the Freepost in the Denman WORKS! envelope found under “D”. If you need assistance, see Get help below, and submit by 15 July.

The download package

cpg application process 2019

cpg eligibility criteria 2019

2019 cpg application

Using the downloaded version

The Application forms and blank Contribution Agreements and Quarterly Report forms are available online in 2 versions – one editable (Word), one not (PDF). In the Word version, be sure to use your Insert Key when typing over the lines on the forms.

Get help

We want to ensure the greatest success for all applicants. We offer a service at no charge for a professional grant writer to review your application before submission. You will receive constructive suggestions and ideas, and verification that you have complied with requirements. If you wish to use this service, please submit your applications by July 15th, either to the Freepost or the Resource Centre. This date allows time for review and for you to make any necessary adjustments prior to the closing deadline of July 31st.

Past Status Reports

Click here for past CPG status reports.

If you are seeking funding for your project after closure of this grant, you can try our Project Support Funding page.

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