CVRD Grants-in-aid

Grants-in-aid are available to any non-profit Denman community organization for projects that will benefit the community. Grants are awarded annually.

  • Download the Grant-in-aid guidelines and application form as a .pdf.
  • The deadline for Grant-in-aid submissions is usually but not always in February.
  • As examples, here are the successful applicants/projects of 2010
    • Arts Denman $4,000.00
    • SPUDS $200.00
    • Denman Community Land Trust $2,000.00
    • Denman Health Centre Society $3,000.00
    • Denman Hornby Island Equine Assoc. $500.00
    • Denman Island Memorial Society $500.00
    • DIRA Dock Committee $1,000.00
    • DIRA Executive $1,000.00
    • Women’s Outreach Society $1,000.00
    • Dora Drinkwater Community Library $500.00
    • Renewable Energy Denman Island $400.00

For a comprehensive list of more recent Denman Island Grant-in-aid recipients please contact the CVRD directly.

For more information please call the CVRD front desk at 250-334-6000.

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