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On this page: Starting a new small business, Web resources for small business, Local business wisdom, Loans and other help, Models, Economic development agencies, Marketing tools.

We help any entrepreneurs or companies to find resources that support socio-economic enhancement of the community, and below you will find  a huge range of resources, both financial and other. Denman Works! provides funding through non-profit organizations, and not directly to entrepreneurs, businesses, or business start ups.

You want to start a business but have no money? Not all of these are possible here, but this list might get you thinking: “50 Home Based Business Ideas You Can Start With No Money”

Starting a new small business


When you have an idea for a business, be sure to ask yourself these questions: Do you have equity? Equity in the tools you have right now? Do you have cash to put into the business? If not, you will need seed money and a grant or a loan.

The first step is to do research on the market  and likely competitors. Is there a niche for your product or service? Is there sufficient demand? Will you have to expand beyond the island? Physically to the  Comox Valley, or digitally into the global market?

Denman  Island author Veronica Timmons has produced a document on Business Planning. Please download the Business Planning document or visit the Resource Centre to request a copy.

Market research

This is a key to success and an absolute must. It will help propel you forward in the important process of drawing up a Business Plan. This will include:

      • A budget
      • Your product description
      • Potential clients
      • Your competition
      • An expected Return on Investment (ROI)
      • A list of your units
      • How many you might sell in the first year (be realistic)
      • Your expertise
      • Photographs of product
      • What you will need for your anticipated First Day of Business

Web resources for small business

Small Business BC offers a wide range of training, advice, and many other resources. Invest in your business by making time for education.   Join other small business owners who attend annual webinars (online seminars) by industry experts. See the list of over 50 business topics Some webinars are FREE. If there is a fee for your chosen webinar, it will include a recording that you can watch for up to seven days after the live seminar.

Business Development Canada: their “Entrepreneur’s toolkit” has many resources to help you manage, grow and promote your business – successfully. Includes a free online course on how to start a business in Canada.

Local business wisdom

Read wisdom gained by islanders who have run a business on Denman Island. Access information from forums about small business, businesses run by women, and a food  business.

Loans and other help

Go to our Business Loans page for info on financing sources and other support for businesses large and small; wage subsidies, training, and more.

Or start by exploring Impact Money Finder: has fast tools for exploring many kinds of funding sources: Angel investors, crowdfunding, loans, equity, grants, syndicated deals, tax credits, and venture funds.

If you have any questions please contact us.


Examples of good practice in small business: Eighty businesses in 8 categories are the semi-finalists for the 2020 Small Business BC Awards. Awards: Feb 21st, 2020.

The 10 Finalists for 2018-2019.

Economic development agencies

Staying in touch with evolving strategies does more than show you about the big changes that can affect your business. Partnerships and collaborations beyond your marketing and and supply areas can help expand your business. Read about the organizations that can support your business strategy.

Marketing tools

This page has surveys of trends, useful tips, and local tools for marketing. Read this must-have information!


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