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The Islands Trust

The Islands Trust is a “unique federation of local governments serving islands in the Salish Sea. We are responsible for preserving and protecting the islands’ unique amenities and environment.” Learn about our bylaws on conservation, development, and zoning. Visit  Trustees Corner for Denman Island (currently Laura Busheikin and David Critchley). Read their articles (mostly by Laura Busheikin) published in The Flagstone. They consult monthly on Saturdays at the Old School.  The Local Trustees administer bylaws that mostly concern land use and housing.

DIRA (Denman Island Residents Association)

DIRA is a non-profit association of residents and property owners. Membership is free. DIRA receives and manages tax dollars through its 12 committees: waste management, the boat launch, the public dock, parks, trails, recreation grants, pesticides, the marine environment, the Old School, internet access, the Graham Lake swim dock, and wildlife advice. Monthly meetings are held on the second Monday of the month at the Denman Island Community Hall.

CVRD (Comox Valley Regional District)

This level of government covers three municipalities and First Nations, and three electoral areas (map). It collects property taxes that return to Denman Island via its grants-in-aid program, via DIRA for Recreation grants,  and via Denman Works! for  Community Project grants.

GLID (Graham Lake Improvement District)

Trustees of GLID provide water for 67 properties within the Graham Lake Improvement District (GLID), using two of the 12 water licences for the  lake.  Another 22 properties on East road near Gravelly Bay constitute the  DIWLSA (Denman Island Water Local Service Area, run by the CVRD), which uses water provided by GLID.

VIHA  (Vancouver Island Health Authority)

BC Ministries (e.g. roads, water licences, parks, farming, and construction).

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