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Denman Island is located in the Comox Valley  region. Find  contacts and information in the Comox Valley Community Services Directory for over 300 local, regional, and provincial service organizations. Search by topic or alphabet by name:

Denman Island Organizations:

Category Acrronym Name
Government Denman Island – The Islands Trust
CVRD Comox Valley Regl Distr
GLID Graham Lake Improvement Distr
Residents DIRA D.I. Residents Association
Culture DS&MS Denman Seniors & Museum Society
Arts Denman & Arts Centre
Quilters Guild
Health HDCHCS Hornby / Denman Community Health Care Soc
Denman Health Centre Society (the Clinic)
Denman Island Veganiculture Assoc (DIVA)
Environment ADIMS Association of Denman Island Marine Stewards
DCA Denman Conservancy Association
TDI Transition D.I. Society
Housing DCLTA Denman Community Land Trust Association
Denman Housing Assocation
Animals DI MEOW Feline Spay / Neuter Program
Island Equines
Emergency Services Fire Department
Denman Ambulance Stn / Community Paramedics
Emergency Support Services 1-250-335-0730
Venues DIRCS Community Hall – D.I.Recreation Commission Soc
DAC Denman Activity Centre
Learning DICES D.I. Community School and Programs Office
Blackberry Lane (DI Preschool Society)
Dora Drinkwater Community Library
Agriculture HDGPA Hornby / Denman Growers and Producers Alliance
Garden Club
Burial DIMS D.I. Memorial Society
Economy Denman WORKS! Economic Enhancement Society
Faith Dharma Fellowship 
The Hermitage
 St Saviour Anglican Church
Denman Island  United Church


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